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  Port is not being used, how will bind failure?
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Today, when the deployment of a webserver on a server,

I suggested bind port fails,

I habitually use netstat read, not occupied ah!


After the share issue out, to force colleagues searched ip_local_port_range this thing

This corresponds to what is / proc / sys / net / ipv4 / ip_local_port_range file

I found it after the content is open:

1024 65000


Then I checked, these two figures is the provision of a range of ports

And this document sets out the so-called "temporary port," the port range availability

For example, a program through socket request a service outside of the machine,

That requirement is within the socket communication is a double ip plus a port,

When we request only the specified ip and port to be requested, and does not specify the machine,

Then according to the Linux strategy that is automatically assigned a temporary port

And this ephemeral port range is desirable that ip_local_port_range


ip_local_port_range there is a hidden attribute is the port within the ephemeral range can not be bind

This is what I began to encounter the cause of the problem


When I want to edit this file to modify the scope of discovery can not be saved when modified

Then search for a moment, she said to be permanent changes, you can:

vim /etc/sysctl.conf

Modify the net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range

After saving execute sysctl -p allowed to take effect
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