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  Puppet installation and testing
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  This paper systematically Client6.0
This paper aims to install puppet, and test OK; behind the relevant file, service, exec, user management will be introduced;

master side:
[Root @ master ~] # hostname
[Root @ master ~] # cat / etc / hosts master.lansgg.com master client.lansgg.com client
[Root @ master ~] # ifconfig eth0 | grep "inet addr"
          inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

client side:
[Root @ client ~] # hostname
[Root @ client ~] # cat / etc / hosts master.lansgg.com master client.lansgg.com client
[Root @ client ~] # ifconfig eth0 | grep "inet addr"
          inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

Start the installation puppet (note install selinux and iptables)
master side:
[Root @ master ~] # yum install puppetmaster -y
[Root @ master ~] # vim /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
    autosign = true # Add automatic visa client terminal registration information
service puppetmaster start

client side:

[Root @ client ~] # yum install puppet -y
service puppet start

[Root @ client puppet] # puppetd --test --server master.lansgg.com --verbose

PS: Note that time synchronization
This illustrates that the communication is OK;
The following file to a test:
master side:
[Root @ master ~] # vim /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp
file { "/tmp/lansgg.txt":
        content => "lansgg test, pass ~ n";}

client side:
[Root @ client puppet] # puppetd --test --server master.lansgg.com --verbose

Puppet installation and testing
Through testing, the file has been issued;
View certificate on the master side:
puppetca -s -a (Visas All client certificates)
puppetca -s a client certificate
puppetca -a -l View has a Certificate
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