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  PuTTY Xming achieve the X11 forwarding ssh
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1 Needs analysis

Some Linux programs still can not leave the window environment, or after leaving the operation inconvenient. Where Oracle is one such program, which most utility can perform silently in pure command line, such as OCI, DBCA, NetCA like, but when you work more convenient graphical interface. To do this, you need to use XServer and XClient cross-X11 works for remote display. And it is more convenient, SSHD protocol full support for remote X11 protocol forwarding, so that we can just open a sshd service on the server side can be achieved by forwarding the X11 remote desktop.

2 experimental environment:

Server: CentOS6, minimum installation, start sshd.

Desktop: Windows 8.1, puTTY, Xming.

3 configuration steps:

1 as a test server-side installation xterm

yum install xterm

2 server-side installation xauth program, sshd X11 forwarding need this program execution

yum install xauth

3 server edit / etc / ssh / sshd_conf file, activate X11 forwarding.

X11Forwarding yes

Restart sshd.

4 Verify that the server is forwarded

After this time landing sshd, will generate .XAuthority file in the user's home directory.

echo $ DISPLAY

Display results: localhost: 10.0, indicates that the server-side configuration is successful, otherwise, if it is empty, the configuration is wrong.

5 desktop install Xming

This is a free program that can download and install themselves on Windows, it is very simple and requires no configuration.

6 desktop start Xming, PuTTY configuration X11 forwarding

Xming as Xserver need to start. Then in PuTTY left navigation bar, navigate to: (Connection) (SSH) (X11), select (Enable X11forwarding) check box in the right panel, after saving reopen to the server session.

7 Run the test program xterm
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