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  SecureCRT 7.0 Log Ubuntu 12.04 server via SSH service under Vmware
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  First, in order to avoid between the host and the virtual machine switching back and forth; secondly, can be achieved through SSH remote login, only one terminal, to exercise their own use VI editor and adapt windowless environment, today spent about an afternoon, although Finally, there is a little flaw, you can already meet the demand for use in optimizing the rest of the back, look at the following share issues encountered.

1, through the above has opened SSH service.

2, in order to avoid making the same mistakes, first read its configuration file, / etc / ssh / sshd_config

3, modify the configuration file, you can modify according to their needs, I'm using the root login Secure CRT,

    You can use the default port 22, you can also define your own, using the default here.

PermitRootLogin yes // default
RSAAuthentication yes // using the RSA encryption algorithm
PubkeyAuthentication yes // use public key authentication
AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh / authorized_keys // public key stored files allowed in the user's home directory,
PasswordAuthentication no // ban Password Authentication

Save and exit.

4. Set Vmwre with ubuntu is the host bridge, and in the same network segment, NAT connection is not successful, another network segment did not succeed, I do not know Can.

5, SecureCRT set linux system log ssh public key authentication

    When generated, the public attention generated, select the type of RSA, and then uploaded to the server that is linux, here I was not uploaded successfully, so their copy.

6, where I used ROOT login, so that the public key sent to their home directory, which /root/.ssh and renamed, change the name of the corresponding authorized_keys ssh2 ssh1 corresponding authorized_keys2 according to their needs, in / root under useless. ssh directory, to establish their own, if you are under a different user logs into the corresponding user directory: /home/XXX/.ssh

7, the configuration CRT login,

  Hostname is the host IP, the user is their own set of users. Then connect.

8, if after login, garbled characters, in the global settings, set the font for the UTF-8 ,, problem contact.

Successful login
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