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  Service manager OpenBSD on rccl
  Add Date : 2016-05-29      
  Rcctl is a background process (daemon) on OpenBSD systems management procedures, similar chkconfig or new RedHat Linux on the systemctl previous functionality.

It is actually a shell script, first seen in OpenBSD 5.7. You need to have root privileges to use.
Its principle is the process by setting the appropriate configuration file in /etc/rc.conf.local to complete. The process needs to be managed in /etc/rc.d/ directory corresponding control script files.

The main functions and examples

(The following is mainly based on rcctl translation of manuals from the man, and I together with some examples. Willing friends can read your man manual)

Enable or disable background processes (including system processes such as httpd comes through the package installation process as well as mysqld / nginx, etc., the same below)

rcctl enable httpd ## enabled
rcctl disable httpd ## disabled

Start or stop the daemon

rcctl start httpd
rcctl stop httpd

May also need to pass -d (Open debug) or -f (force) parameters

Lists the parameters related to the process

# Rcctl get httpd
httpd_class = daemon
httpd_flags =
httpd_timeout = 30
httpd_user = root

Lists default process parameters

# Rcctl getdef httpd
httpd_class = daemon
httpd_flags =
httpd_timeout = 30
httpd_user = root

If you have not modified the default parameters, then it and get sub-command output should be the same

List processes that meet specific criteria

rcctl ls $ con

Lists the qualifying process. Here condition is not customizable, you can only choose from the following a few key words:

                  all all services and daemons ## all services and processes
                  faulty enabled but stopped daemons ## enabled but failed to start services and processes
                  off disabled services and daemons ## disabled services and processes
                  on enabled services and daemons ## enabled services and processes
                  started running daemons ## has started the process of
                  stopped stopped daemons ## process has been stopped

# Rcctl ls faulty

Here httpd and ntpd two processes have been activated, but failed to start (means that administrators have work to do).

Adjustment process in order pkg_scripts
pkg_scripts This variable is used to control the progress of the installation from the package. More than one process, we sometimes need to adjust their order.

rcctl order d ## d to move to the specified process first:
Before rcctl order d d1 d2 ## d to move to the specified process d1 and d2
rcctl order ## are listed in the current order

Set process parameters

rcctl set httpd status on ## and should be rcctl enable httpd functionality is the same, I have not found differences between the two
rcctl set ntpd flags -s ## ntpd set of flags parameter '-s'
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