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  The correct method to modify the maximum number of concurrent connections Tomcat 7
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  This is a very simple question, but search around and found everyone wrong. So to sum up here:

Almost all Chinese pages are introduced to modify the default maximum number of concurrent connections Tomcat should be set as follows (these steps are actually wrong):


In the tomcat server.xml configuration file in the configuration, and connection-related parameters are:

minProcessors: Minimum idle connection threads, used to improve the processing performance of the system, the default value is 10
maxProcessors: maximum number of connections of threads, namely: the maximum number of requests processed concurrently, the default value is 75
acceptCount: The maximum number of allowed connections, should be greater than or equal maxProcessors, default is 100
enableLookups: whether reverse lookup domain name, the value is: true or false. In order to increase processing capacity, should be set to false
connectionTimeout: Network connection timeout, unit: milliseconds. Set to 0 to never time out, this is provided with risks. Usually set to 30000 milliseconds.
Wherein the maximum number of connections and parameters related to maxProcessors and acceptCount. If you want to increase the number of concurrent connections, should also increase these two parameters.
The maximum number of connections allowed web server is also subject to the operating system kernel parameter settings, usually Windows is about 2000, Linux is about 1,000. Unix how to set these parameters, see the Unix commands commonly used to monitor and manage

Specific configuration information:
Java code