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  The SVN installation, configuration and start - up under Linux (CentOS 6.5)
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Linux (CentOS 6.5) under the SVN installation, configuration and start - up

Preparations: yum

1. Check that it is installed

Rpm -qa subversion
If you want to uninstall the old version:

Yum remove subversion

2. Install

Yum install subversion
PS: yum install httpd-devel subversion mod_dav_svn mod_auth_mysql (This is to install the module with Apache, I have not yet done, made up again, you can only install the subversion, more installed also does not matter)
3. Check whether the installation is successful

Svnserve --version
If successful, the version number is output

4. Create a warehouse directory

Mkdir / home / svn / game

5. Create the project

Svnadmin create / home / svn / game

6. Check whether the creation was successful

Cd / home / svn / game
If successful, the game directory will be more than a few folders

7. into the conf directory will see the three configuration files, the resulting file has an English comment description
Example Requirements:

Planning Group: open planning, art reading and writing
Back-end group: open-end read and write, planning read-only
Front-end group: open front read and write, planning, art read-only
Art Group: open art reading and writing, planning read-only
Administrator Group: All read and write
Authz: user rights configuration

# Manage the group
Manager = boss
# Server group
Server = server1, server2
# Client user group
Client = client1, client2
Art Group
Art = art1, art2
Planning Group
Design = design1, design2
[Game: /]
Manager = rw
[Game: / server]
@ Server = rw
[Game: / client]
@ Client = rw
@ Design = r
@ Art = r
[Game: / art]
@ Design = rw
@ Art = rw
@ Client = r
[Game: / design]
@ Design = rw
@ Server = r
@ Client = r
@ Art = r
Passwd: User password

Boss = 123456
Server1 = 123456
Server2 = 123456
Client1 = 123456
Client2 = 123456
Art1 = 123456
Art2 = 123456
Design1 = 123456
Design2 = 123456

# Anonymous access permissions
Anon-access = none
# Verify the user privilege
Auth-access = write
# Password file address
Password-db = / home / svn / game / passwd
# Permission file address
Authz-db = / home / svn / game / authz
# Project Name (UUID)
Realm = game

8. Open the svn port
The default is 3690 ports, you can also use other. Skipped This step is turned on

Iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -dport 3690 -j ACCEPT
/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables save
Service iptables restart
/etc/init.d/iptables status

9. Start the SVN service

Svnserve -d -r / home / svn
The -d: daemon
-r: svn root directory
Assuming the server IP is, then set the following access to the directory on the game:

Svn: //

10. Install the client TortoiseSVN

11. Create a subdirectory
In the client PC to find a directory, with the administrator account from svn: / / / game out of the game directory, respectively, art, design, server, client 4 subdirectories, and then submitted.
At this time you can use other groups of accounts under test whether the normal use.

12. Installed svn server, the default is not boot since the start, each boot will start a lot of trouble, we can set it into a boot
First: Write a startup script svn_startup.sh, I put /root/svn_startup.sh
#! / Bin / bash
/ Usr / bin / svnserve -d -r / home / svn /
Here svnserve path insurance, it is best to write the absolute path, because the start time, the environment variable may not load.
Absolute path how to check?
Which svnserve
There may also be a problem, if you create and write in the windows of the footsteps, get linux, with vi or vim may not be able to modify the implementation, which is the file format

Vi svn_startup.sh

Enter: set ff Enter

If the display is not fileformat = unix


Set ff = unix

On the OK
Then modify the script's execute permission

Chmod ug + x svn_startup.sh

Or omnipotent

Chmod 777 svn_startup.sh
Finally: join the automatic operation

Vi /etc/rc.d/rc.local
At the end of the script to add the path, such as:
Now, you can try to restart it. Do not know how to confirm success? Lost to you

Ps -ef | grep svnserve
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