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  To set up the printer use Nagios Monitoring Server
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Experimental background: the company has many sets of HP Hewlett-Packard printers, and the management is too much trouble. So think of the printer can be monitored servers, to respond quickly to any issues arising from the printer. After Internet search relevant information to build a station, also use without any problems, so they come up with to share with you.

Experimental knowledge: check_hpjd plugin (the command Nagios plug-in software is an integral part of the standard distribution package) you can use SNMP to monitor the way JetDirect-compatible printers. The plug can check the printer status as follows: paper jam, no paper, the printer is offline, the need for manual intervention, the toner cartridge is low, insufficient memory, open housing, the output tray is full, the other ...

Experimental System: CentOS 6.6_x86_64

Experimental conditions: Close all firewall and selinux

Experiment Description: In this study, a total of 1 host, IP assigned to

First, install nagios

1. Use yum install:

yum -y install epel *
yum -y install nagios nagios-plugins-all
 2. If you need to do mail alarm, modify the administrator mailbox (optional):

vim /etc/nagios/objects/contacts.cfg

3. Configure the web login password:

htpasswd -c / etc / nagios / passwd nagiosadmin

4. Start the test:

chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig nagios on
service httpd start
service nagios start
You can now access the web way to Nagios, the open, enter your user name and password to login

Second, configure the printer monitoring:

1. Edit the main configuration file:

vim /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
-------------------------------------------------- ------->
cfg_file = / etc / nagios / objects / printer.cfg // uncomment this line
2. Edit printer.cfg:

vim /etc/nagios/objects/printer.cfg
-------------------------------------------------- -------->
define host {// define a printer host more than one printer is copied to amend paragraph
        use generic-printer
        host_name 31west
        alias 31-WEST
        hostgroups network-printers // join a group, the convenient unified configuration

define host {// define another host print
        use generic-printer
        host_name 31east
        alias 31-EAST
        hostgroups network-printers

define hostgroup {// define a group
        hostgroup_name network-printers
        alias Network Printers
        members 31east, 31west // group members, here to write two simple, pay attention to the corresponding name

define service {
        use generic-service
        Hostgroup_name network-printers // members of this group to use this method to monitor
        service_description Printer Status
        check_command check_hpjd! -C public // use check_hpjd plugin to detect the printer status

notification_interval 1440 // notification interval in minutes
        normal_check_interval 10 // detected every 10 minutes
        retry_check_interval 1 // problem occurs once every 1 minute Detection

define service {
        use generic-service
        hostgroup_name network-printers
        service_description PING
        check_command check_ping! 3000.0,80%! 5000.0,100% // use ping to detect whether the printer is online

notification_interval 1440
        normal_check_interval 10
        retry_check_interval 1

< ------------------------------------------------- ---------

service nagios restart
3. Use the printer's web management interface settings related threshold:

4. Go to the web interface to view:

If your printer has a problem, there will be shown above the list and click to see:

5. Configure mail sending (optional):

yum -y install sendmail
vim /etc/mail.rc
-------------------------------------------------- > // Add the following lines
set from = mail account server address smtp =
set smtp-auth-user = mail account smtp-auth-password = password mailbox
set smtp-auth = login
-------------------------------------------------- >
echo "nagios test mail" | mail -s "nagios" // test whether the e-mail address sent successfully, e-mail address into their

After that, when starting alarm monitoring, alarm mail will receive it!
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