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  Ubuntu Apache2 setting, problem solving css, pictures, etc. can not be displayed
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Discover multi sacred to learn more about the next Ubuntu Apache2's profile, but can not solve the problem, because I actually finally found ridiculous "File path error."

Details predict tomorrow to Syria!

Based on this post, we take a closer look apache2 settings in Ubuntu system:

First into its configuration file directory:

cd / etc / apache2


apache2.conf envvars magic mods-enabled sites-available

conf.d httpd.conf mods-available ports.conf sites-enabled

Wherein, in the familiar Windows system httpd.conf configuration file still exists, but is slightly different, many of the configuration in httpd.conf is not complete, but complete in apache2.conf in;

And apache2.conf also does not contain all the configuration contents, he is by Incude way to assign functions to configure several sub-files: ports.conf, httpd.conf, mods-available / mime.conf, mods- available / dir.conf, sites-available / default and other files. It should be noted that while the mods-enabled, sites-enabled folder files are mods-available, sites-available document folder connection is a virtual file.

Tip: If you do not know to modify keywords within that file, you can use the following statement to query

grep -iR DirectoryIndex / etc / apache2

In the / etc / apache2 / mods-available / directory configuration file as follows:

actions.conf dir.conf mime_magic.conf reqtimeout.conf

alias.conf disk_cache.conf negotiation.conf setenvif.conf

autoindex.conf info.conf php5.conf ssl.conf

cgid.conf ldap.conf proxy_balancer.conf status.conf

dav_fs.conf mem_cache.conf proxy.conf userdir.conf

deflate.conf mime.conf proxy_ftp.conf

1, modify the port: ports.conf

2, modify the default startup path: sites-available / default

3, modify the default startup program (html, php): mods-available / dir.conf

4, set up port forwarding: see my other blog.

5, the connection image, css and other things to note: Do not mistake the path on the line!

After modifying the appropriate configuration has to restart apache2 service, else set is invalid.

sudo service apache2 stop / start / restart
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