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  Ubuntu under Spark development environment to build
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Use the following configuration Ubuntu Python application development Spark

Ubuntu 64-bit Basic environment configuration

Install JDK, download jdk-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz, extract to /opt/jdk1.8.0_45

Download: http: //www.Oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

Install scala, download scala-2.11.6.tgz, extract to /opt/scala-2.11.6

Shimoji Address: http://www.scala-lang.org/

Install Spark, download spark-1.3.1-bin-Hadoop2.6.tgz, extract it to / opt / spark-hadoop

Download: http: //spark.apache.org/downloads.html,

Configuration environment variable, edit the / etc / profile, execute the following command

python @ ubuntu: ~ $ sudo gedit / etc / profile

                      In most file add:

          #Seeting JDK JDK environment variable

            export JAVA_HOME = / opt / jdk1.8.0_45

            export JRE_HOME = $ {JAVA_HOME} / jre

            export CLASSPATH =:. $ {JAVA_HOME} / lib: $ {JRE_HOME} / lib

            export PATH = $ {JAVA_HOME} / bin: $ {JRE_HOME} / bin: $ PATH

         #Seeting Scala Scala environment variable

            export SCALA_HOME = / opt / scala-2.11.6

            export PATH = $ {SCALA_HOME} / bin: $ PATH

         #setting Spark Spark environment variable

           export SPARK_HOME = / opt / spark-hadoop /

        #PythonPath The Spark in pySpark module increases Python environment

         export PYTHONPATH = / opt / spark-hadoop / python

 Restart the computer, so that / etc / profile permanent, temporary take effect, open a command window and execute source / etc / profile to take effect in the current window

Test results of the installation

Open a command window, switch to the root directory of Spark

Executive ./bin/spark-shell, Scala to open the connection window Spark

    Startup error message appears scala>, a successful start

  Executive ./bin/pyspark, open the Python connection to Spark window

    Ubuntu under Spark development environment to build

 Startup error, as shown above appears when the successful launch.

   Browser accessed via: The following page


           Test SPark available.

Python An application made Spark

Previously set PYTHONPATH, will pyspark added to Python's search path

Open Spark installation directory, Python- "build folder py4j, complex Python to the next directory, as shown:

Open a command line window, enter the python, Python version 2.7.6, as shown in note Spark does not support Python3

Enter the import pyspark, as shown below, prove that the development work is completed before

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