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  Use SVN to automatically deploy code under Apache
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  I encountered a problem svn not ftp ftp can not svn Is there a way to link the two together? In fact, do not need to svn carrying hooks (hook) function you have enough to meet demand

svn configurations and settings can be found directly online. Directly say how to configure automatic synchronization. In svn directory / www / svn / repos / hooks some file post-commit.tmpl

This is the file to edit is in svn commit there when we need to do

1. Set the need to update the directory at checkout configured directly inside page of the corresponding directory

2. Modify the post-commit.tmpl file cp post-commit.tmpl post-commit

3. Edits post-commit file, pay attention to post-commit file is necessary to apache user rights can be executed


export LANG = zh_CN.UTF-8
REPOS = "$ 1"
REV = "$ 2"
WEB_PATH = / www / web / public_html_new / xxx
LOG_PATH = / www / web / log / svn_upload_log
CURDATE = "date"

echo "code commit at $ CURDATE" >> $ LOG_PATH
/ Usr / bin / svn update $ WEB_PATH --username username --password password >> $ LOG_PATH

among them:

WEB_PATH is set under the apache web directory

LOG_PATH log directory

After the completion of the implementation of the Local Area Connection and submit the code while svn line can be updated in real time

Special attention is required

You need to set the .svn directory in the apache httpd.conf prohibit access or file contained inside

< DirectoryMatch. * \. Svn /.*>
    Deny From All
< / DirectoryMatch>
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