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  Using Ruby to build a simple HTTP service and sass environment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Since the front-end development under normal circumstances, we may need to have an http service, of course, you can choose to write a node's http service is relatively simple, such as the following node of code:

var PORT = 3000;

var http = require ( 'http');

var url = require ( 'url');

var fs = require ( 'fs');

var mine = {

  "Css": "text / css",

  "Gif": "image / gif",

  "Html": "text / html",

  "Ico": "image / x-icon",

  "Jpeg": "image / jpeg",

  "Jpg": "image / jpeg",

  "Js": "text / javascript",

  "Json": "application / json",

  "Pdf": "application / pdf",

  "Png": "image / png",

  "Svg": "image / svg + xml",

  "Swf": "application / x-shockwave-flash",

  "Tiff": "image / tiff",

  "Txt": "text / plain",

  "Wav": "audio / x-wav",

  "Wma": "audio / x-ms-wma",

  "Wmv": "video / x-ms-wmv",

  "Xml": "text / xml"


var path = require ( 'path');

var server = http.createServer (function (request, response) {

    var pathname = url.parse (request.url) .pathname;

    console.log (pathname)

    var realPath = pathname.substr (1); // path.join ( "assets", pathname);

    console.log (realPath);

    var ext = path.extname (realPath);

    ext = ext ext.slice (1): 'unknown';?

    fs.exists (realPath, function (exists) {

        if (! exists) {

            response.writeHead (404, {

                'Content-Type': 'text / plain'



            response.write ( "This request URL" + pathname + "was not found on this server.");

            response.end ();

        } Else {

            fs.readFile (realPath, "binary", function (err, file) {

                if (err) {

                    response.writeHead (500, {

                        'Content-Type': 'text / plain'


                    response.end (err);

                } Else {

                    var contentType = mine [ext] || "text / plain";

                    response.writeHead (200, {

                        'Content-Type': contentType


                    response.write (file, "binary");

                    response.end ();






server.listen (PORT);

console.log ( "Server runing at port:" + PORT + ".");

But this is too much trouble every time copy this file to the project directory, and the installation environment is also needed ruby sass, so we need to understand the next gem install sass and asdf.

Pilot official website to download a ruby, after installation, you can use

gem install sass

Command to install other components, such as to install sass environment. If you want to install the beta version, you can enter the command line

gem install sass --pre

Upgrade command is

gem update sass

Today we want to install http asdf such a service, we first use

gem install asdf

After installation is complete, you can access when you need to use a folder directory

asdf -p 8080

Then you can use http: // localhost: 8080 / to access the current directory of the http service.

Since the domestic network reasons, it may lead rubygems.org stored in Amazon S3 above resource files intermittent connection failures. At this time we can gem sources command to configure the source, first remove the default https://rubygems.org source, and then add Taobao source https://ruby.taobao.org/, then you look at the source is currently in use which, if Taobao, then you can enter the gem install sass installation command.

$ Gem sources --remove https://rubygems.org/
$ Gem sources -a https://ruby.taobao.org/
$ Gem sources -l
# Make sure that only ruby.taobao.org
$ Gem install sass
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