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  Using the Linux VNC service
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Under Window connected via VNC Linux

Linux Open VNC service: service vncserver start

The implementation of "vncserver" command, pay attention to the identity of this command is executed, if it is ROOT, is generated .vnc / directory below the root, and generate log pid file xstartup

Otherwise generated in the user directory. The first will prompt a password for remote connections.

Note that the number of open Remote Desktop, VNC Viewer connection with the use of "IP: No" in the form, and then enter the password. VNC default desktop environment is twm

The last line xstartup modify files, system settings according to personal desktop environment

GNOME Desktop: Modify the gnome-session &

KDE desktop: modify startkde &

After modifying note restart vncserver service, generate remote connectivity listening process again with the vncserver command, view the VNC service process conditions service vncserver status

Note: modify and then execute vncserver command to generate new virtual port job page.

Some vnc-viwer software without connecting IP: in the form of numbers, but in the form of IP plus port number, VNC default port number is 5901, occupies 59011 numbered port number 2 of 5902 so occupied.
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