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  Win7 used Eclipse to connect the virtual machine in Ubuntu Hadoop2.4
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Early into the virtual machine is powered Hadoop, an exception occurs, reformat look normal, of unknown origin (Format: Execute bin / hdfs namenode -format in hadoop directory)

java.net.ConnectException: Call From chenph-Ubuntu / to localhost: 9000 failed on connection

Try making the outcome of yesterday --eclipse plug, according to the example online configures failure phenomenon is unable to connect to the virtual machine Hadoop, then test the following situation

See the virtual machine ip, enter ifconfig, give, can ping the win7 ip192.168.101.120

In win7 can not ping to, because a network adapter I created a virtual machine is disabled, enabled by running ipconfig -all in win7 can be seen in a ip, this is the two systems win7 and ubuntu network segment ip, so that you can ping each other through the

But the eclipse was not remotely connect to hadoop, continue to find ways to modify the hosts file in win7, I found my hosts file is not in the system, and later found (not hidden, but set to protect the system, remove the protection on the line ), a corresponding increase in information localhost

The eclipse or not, this time to execute ipconfig ubuntu again, ip turned into, my vertigo? ? ?

The configuration ip unified into, test again, still not

This time I'm targeting the hadoop configuration, all configurations localhost place unified into a machine name, restart the service still does not work

Because their own ip becomes a problem (may be automatically assigned dhcp issues now, back to try to set fixed), so I use the machine name in the previous step, this time I changed ip unity

Yesterday afternoon, the development and testing continue to eclipse between Hadoop, very smooth, the virtual machine ip really changed again, set it manually on the virtual machine in the network can not, check the parameters there is no way on not just can not get it, can not change the old ip on the line

In win7 environment, the use of plug-in I eclipse4.3.2 plus hadoop2.4 day before I made the test, reported abnormal

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.apache.hadoop.io.nativeio.NativeIO $ Windows.access0 (Ljava / lang / String; I) Z

Online related to the introduction, you need to download hadoop.dll, winutils.exe (Download) these two files into the bin win under your hadoop directory folder (online, said the direct replacement of the existing bin, my this problem still occurs, the problem may be a version of it, after all I use is 2.4, the upper part of the two documents is version 2.2)

Put away, rerun the program (I use the Run Application), or on top of the newspaper was wrong to find the source, the source code into my project was carried debug, find the line 571, to direct return true;

Re-run the program again, successfully, on Photo

hdfs directory after you configure the installed plug-in displays than facilitate that in Ubuntu, you can add, delete, view file

On top of that mistake mentioning, I directly modify this class

This should note that if you hold log4j configuration file, you will miss a lot of useful information being given, I just started to put this document is not a waste of at least 5,6 hours detours

The input and output files path defined in the file needs to be said here is that if your output folder already exists, run time will complain again

Operation information, the file in the output folder to see the results after the success of

Debugging process, with several crashes, because it did not add log4j in the project, and finally see the light because the eclipse in ubuntu debugging success (the eclipse plugin I use the Internet to download the plug-in 2.2)

win7 next, I do not have cygwin, using my own translation eclipse 2.4 plugins from the Internet under the dll and exe directly into the bin directory hadoop, eclipse the hadoop hadoop also configured root directory, online at best considered reference data
After the previous study, basically a small test chopper write small programs to play with, and in a number of preparatory work to do before this

Clear what I want Hadoop

Generally learn about mapreduce

Ubuntu After the restart, and then start hadoop problem will be reported abnormal connection


Data mining, data exploration, data mining

map = chopped, reduce = merge

Will be cleared after the restart tmp folder, default namenode exist here, the need to increase the core-site.xml file (do not forget to create a folder, without permission to do so, you need to create with root privileges and put into 777):