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  WordPress plug-ins installed in Ubuntu, enter the subject of FTP and not create directory problem
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. Install new themes, plugins need to enter the FTP account password if you do not want to enter, then you can use the wp-config.php file to add scripted.

define ( "FS_METHOD", "direct");

define ( "FS_CHMOD_DIR", 0777);

define ( "FS_CHMOD_FILE", 0777);

The above script to file the final surface can be.

2. Install the topic prompted not create the directory, which is directory permissions problem, I temporarily transferred into the themes folder permissions permissions 777

sudo chmod 777 / var / www / wordpress / wp-content / themes

Also tune about the plugins

sudo chmod 777 / var / www / wordpress / wp-content / plugins
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