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  Xshell configure SSH free password
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Buy a server, always use password authentication. Although the problem has not appeared, but always felt this way defective landing. Because companies typically use key authentication landing approach. So today his own way into the login server secret key landing approach. The whole process is no difficulty writing this article is mainly under the record.

Use key authentication in three steps:

1. Generate Key

2. Place the key, configure ssh

3. Configure the client to use ssh key login

First, generate a key

1. Use Xshell generate the key

The above can be generated by any one of the key ways;

After completing the key to save the resulting file

Save as id_rsa.pub (public key)

2. Use git to generate the key

Run the command ssh-keygen -t -rsa

Second, place the public key to the server, set up ssh

Xshell use to log into the server, go to "/root/.ssh/" directory

Id_rsa.pub will sent to the server, and then run the following command, the public (Public Key) into "authorized_keys" file:

[Root @ linuxidc ~] # cd /root/.ssh/

[Root @ linuxidc .ssh] # cat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys

[Root @ linuxidc .ssh] # chmod 600 authorized_keys

[Root @ linuxidc .ssh] # chown linuxidc: yearnfar authorized_keys # users, groups of users into their own

Verify login is correct, the ssh client configuration mode by a password to login publickey, public key file using the generated file to

If the login fails, check the ssh configuration file (/ etc / ssh / sshd_config) in PubkeyAuthentication whether yes.

If authentication is successful, then you can turn off password mode, and edit / etc / ssh / sshd_config, the PasswordAuthentication to no, ChallengeResponseAuthentication to no

Restart sshd (service sshd restart)


1. To ensure that the directory .ssh belong to the current user and permissions are 700

2. Make sure the file authorized_keys belonging to the current user and permissions are 600

/ Home / user directory must also be 700! ! ! If you turn it with root privileges, can lead not landing

Third, set the ssh client login

Fourth, some suggestions about security

Login authentication using the key, not to set the root key authentication, users can use su or sudo to obtain through other super administrator privileges
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