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  Zabbix configuration external network mail alarm
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  1. Basic conditions

The zabbix server has been created and running
The zabbix client is already up and running
2. Packages that need to be installed
Compile and install msmtp package, yum install mutt package
Configuration procedure
3.1 Configure msmtp
Download and install the msmtp package
Install msmtp
Tar jxvf msmtp-1.6.2.tar.bz2
Cd msmtp-1.6.2
Make install Creates the msmtp configuration file
/ Usr / local / etc / msmtprc file contents
Account default
Host smtp.exmail.qq.com
From zabbix@uxuexi.com
Auth login
Tls off
User zabbix@uxuexi.com
Password uxuexi123
Logfile /var/log/msmtp.log Modify the configuration file permissions
Chown zabbix: zabbix / usr / local / etc / msmtprc Creates a log file
Touch /var/log/msmtp.log
Chown zabbix: zabbix /var/log/msmtp.log

3.2 Configuring Mutt
Yum Install mutt and modify the configuration file
Vim / etc / Muttrc Modify the following options
Set sendmail = "/ usr / local / msmtp / bin / msmtp"
Set use_from = yes
Set realname = "zabbix@uxuexi.com"
Set editor = "vim" test, if the message shows that there is no problem
Echo "test mail" | mutt -s "test" xxx @ xxx
3.3 Configuring zabbix
3.3.1 Create the zabbix script
Vim /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts/msmtp.sh Script contents
Where $ 3 is the message content, $ 2 is the message header, and $ 1 is the mail address
#! / Bin / bash
Echo "$ 3" | mutt -s "$ 2" "$ 1" Create the media type
In the zabbix web page administrator -> media types click the upper right corner of the create media type

3.3.2 zabbix user configuration
In the zabbix web page administrator -> users click the upper right corner of the users group, select the users, click the user
Switch to the media tab in the user's configuration interface
Click add
In the pop-up dialog box to send to fill in the mail address to send mail

Zabbix action configuration
In the configuration -> actions page click the top right corner create action
Add the action name

Click new at the operations tab

Configure the time for each step (the default 3600s) in the first few steps to send mail, send to users to add users, and then click the first add

All operations can be done to do some stress testing to generate some alarms to test the message
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